Es Pal Tiempo consists of members from LACollective Music. Think WuTang Clan, but with a bunch of Mexicans... The members of Es Pal Tiempo make up The Paranoias and Profesor Galactico.


      The Paranoias is a band who runs LA’s underground ska scene with a buoyant bossa nova-tinged style and attitude. 

      As part of an assembly of local bands called LACollective, The Paranoias play a true LA sound that is equal parts
      Latin as it is American.

      Lead vocalist Ralf Velazquez brings a soulful, romantic touch that matches the strumming of his guitar alongside Profesor Galactico’s bilingual vocal backing, with Javi Gonzales and David Campos leading the majority of the instrumental work on drums and bass respectively, contributing some of the most inventive riffs and ska harmonies heard in recent years.


      Profesor Galactico is a Mexican-American artist from
      South Los Angeles whose musical style is a reflection of his
      upbringing: being raised in the South LA while traveling to Nayarit during the summers as a youngster.

      PG’s music eclectically swings through ska, funk, banda & reggae through an alternative-punk rock filter con sazón Latino.

      His latest single is a cover of Grupo Frontera’s “No Se Va,” al estilo ska, which has been a huge hit amongst listeners recently. If you’re a fan of ska, alternative & música bilingüe, you’ll definitely enjoy Profesor Galactico’s tunes.